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1 Project Name:

Implementaion of conceret construction Zamyad salon of Kashan city

2 Client: Sipa Co.
3 Consulting Engineers Co: Sanati Iran Consulting Engineer
4 Project Location: Tehran - Iran
5 Start Date:  1998/11/10
6 Finish Date:  1999/10/22

Project Brief Description


·        Performing embankment and floor squeezing – blvkazh – floor concreting – performing sewage channels and foundation of systems tools

·        Performing concreted roof in 5.5, 10.35, 14.5, 17.5 scales in 24000m2 (by diameter of 20cm and 2 edged Armature channels)

·        Introduction of architecture operations of mechanical and electrical facilities and introduction of operational section of color hall with 6000m2.

·        This project has done around the clock and in 3 work shifts

·        15000m3 Concreting capacity

·        26000m3 modeling capacity

·        900000kg Armature operation capacity

·        Performing the project around the clock


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