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1 Project Name:

Implementation piles of station Si-o-se Pol  bridge Isfahan in shearing casing way

2 Client: Isfahan metro Org.
3 Consulting Engineers Co: Farbar Consulting Engineer
4 Project Location: Isfahan – Iran
5 Start Date:  2009/06/23
6 Finish Date:  2010/01/10

Project Brief Description


·        Installed piles of un-skeleton type and by 28&30m depth and 90cm diameter by using digger systems of cutting casing and the system of bentonit mud

·        Hall construction waste and soil

·        Digging and concreting 87 piles in north part of the project

·        Digging and concreting 20 piles in south part of the project

·        Transferring the fence in north and southwest angles and performing traffic control plan

·        Running the first Iran manufactured batching mobile (Behnam Industry) in the workshop and utilizing it in the workshop



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