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1 Project Name:  Construction of non-industrial buildings (NIB) in 17 & 18 of southern Pars.
2 Client: IMPI Co. and Oil&Gas Pars Co.
3 Consulting Engineers Co: Sanati Iran consulting Engineer
4 Project Location: southern Pars  Assaluoyeh – Iran
5 Start Date:  2008
6 Finish Date:  2009

Project Brief Description

·        Installing Workshop Canteen NO.1 bulging with 5500m2 from a concrete part of two floors including restaurant complex and administrative complex and one part of metal skeleton including workshop and salon complex equipped with to roof crane with 5 tones in 18m openings and totally, the salon has two 18m openings and two 12m openings.

·        Installing Warehouse-Indoor building which by 5000m is performed as metal skeleton and in four 18m openings.

·        Installing Repair-building of Vehicle Maintenance with 2900m with metal skeleton including repair sections of light and heavy vehicles and warehouse of other services in 18m openings.

·        Installing administrative building of ADMIN.&Canteen NO.2 with 3500m2 in two floors with concrete skeleton including restaurant complex and administrative complex and kitchen of staffs.

·        Installing Security building with 70m2 in a floor of concrete skeleton including the spaces of preservation personnel and their rest place and the spaces of preservation closed cameras location.

·        Installing SECONDARY/EMERGENCY GATE building as the lateral gate with concrete skeleton with 60m2

·        Installing Control Building with 1000m2 and in one floor with concrete skeleton including main control panel, ITR and administrative spaces are predicted.

·        Installing Telecom building with 270m2, one floor with concrete skeleton including administrative building, service and telecommunication equipments.

·        Installing Laboratory building with 450m2 with concrete skeleton including Laboratory of Gas and administrative spaces and related warehouses.

·        Installing Fire Fighting Building including two parts, first part including concrete building with 1000m2 related to administrative space and related spaces for the fire fighting

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